Today is my Tchuco’s birthday !! Yeah !


35 years ago the love of my life came to this world (thanks Bodil !)

Tchuco, I couldn’t be more happy to have you in my life… you are my everything: my safety harbour… my life partner… my lover… my best friend… Thank you for being who you are and for be by my side in this amazing journey we are traveling together. If depends on me, all your dreams and wishes will come true ! Happy Birthday / Tillykke med fødelsdag

I love you, you are better than ice cream ;-)


Update: Breakfast in bed… all family in bed for super birthday cuddle… tchuco left for work and tchuca is on her way to the supermarket to buy ingredients to bake a 4x banana cake for the whole company !! :-D

Bring pictures later on !


Update #2: The cakes were a super success !!! :-)

Receitinha AQUI

Total love moment nella casa dei Tchucos

This song was my lulaby during my second year in Italy. When, away from my tchuco, in my little “cave” apartment,
I used to listen over and over again, imagine if one day we would be together for real…

Pretty Boy
I lie awake at night
See things in black and white
I’ve only got you inside my mind
You know you have made me blind

I lie awake and pray
That you will look my way
I have all this longing in my heart
I knew it right from the start

Oh my pretty pretty boy I love you
Like I never ever loved no one before you
Pretty pretty boy of mine
Just tell me you love me too
Oh my pretty pretty boy
I need you
Oh my pretty pretty boy I do
Let me inside
Make me stay right beside you

I used to write your name
And put it in a frame
And sometime I think I hear you call
Right from my bedroom wall

You stay a little while
And touch me with your smile
And what can I say to make you mine
To reach out for you in time

Oh pretty boy
Say you love me too


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Olha meu pitucho, tchuchuco lindo, fazendo a nossa salada preferida ! Cocktail de camarão do século XXI



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